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"If it remains "your baby", it never grows up"
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YOU do the work, but BayLink’s coaching allows you to be effective from the start. Preparations at home provide focus on objectives and BayLink’s after-care assists in processing of the experience and what’s next …


WE OFFER a network and infrastructure in which you can optimally plan and develop your US business proposition. We can also help you to follow through: start a subsidiary, find market outlets or strategic partners.


YOU COMMIT your time and effort, and go home with an expanded vision on your opportunities, if not already reduced to practice. And the up-close and personal encounter with Silicon Valley’s rapid innovation will inspire you and your company to continued leadership in your field of business.



iSV-Embedded Coaching First Graduate:
Micha Mulder, CEO of Micronit Microfluidics


Other Participants:
Mihai & Raluca Marin-Perianu of Inertia Technology




Embedded Coaching is made possible by:

BayLink/BayLink LLC


Chamber of Commerce Eastern Netherlands

City of Enschede

Kennispark Twente

Technology Circle Twente




Inside Silicon Valley - Embedded Coaching is inspired by the sister-city relationship (1980) and the Economic Alliance (2007) between Enschede, the Netherlands and Palo Alto, CA, USA.

Embedded Coaching