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Global Medical Device Incubator & Business Accelerator

BayLink LLC combines a global medical device incubator with a business accelerator for select markets, with focus on North America and Western Europe.

BayLink LLC operates from Silicon Valley, CA, USA, in close co-operation with its sister company BayLink NL in Enschede, The Netherlands.

Being rooted in both high-tech environments, BayLink also serves to advance high-tech innovation best-practices, combining "the best of both worlds".

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The Medical Device Incubator turns ground breaking new ideas for medical treatment into fundable propositions and start-up companies, able to take on the challenges of medical device product development and commercialization.
The Business Accelerator helps to open "the other half of the world market" for select products, including:
      - medical devices
      - life sciences
      - home care
      - IT
      - online retailing
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