Converging Technologies combine disciplines to create new and exciting hybrid products in areas such as drug delivery, reconstructive medicine and telecare.

BayLink Medical Device Incubator operates in the "innovation vacuum" between idea and fundable proposition. The euphoria of "Eureka!" wears off quickly when the inventor realizes the large investment in time and money required to kick-start a development. Add high risk and the need for speed to have any chance to suceed, and the cocktail often becomes paralyzing. BayLink understands the process and will lead the way.

Moreover, BayLink positions the incubation process in a global perspective, being connected directly into two innovative hotspots on two continents. High-tech medical propositions eventually create their value on a world market; this should be anticipated form the start.
BayLink utilizes over 20 years of experience in medical device development & commercialization, spanning the whole spectrum from academic research, through concept incubation, product R&D and manufacturing into marketing & sales. A process, strongly governed by its stringent regulatory requirements and dynamic markets.

Medical Device Incubator

The Medical Device & Life Sciences Incubator focuses on high potential product ideas and concepts, that may revolutionalize clinical practice and patient care. The areas of special interest are:
- Cardiovascular
- Cardiac Electrophysiology
- Endovascular
- Minimally invasive
- Metabolic disease
- Neurology 
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BayLink utilizes an open acquisition and participation model to be able to tap into the vast and often informal creativity of its international network. BayLink develops home-grown propositions, but also partners with others who will contribute key competences to the project.
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BayLink Consulting services are also available to apply our knowledge and experience to your early proposition or product development and help you accelerate to fulfil your product's promise to global health care. In addition, BayLink offers advice regarding high-tech innovation best-practices to companies, networks and government.

Medical Device Incubator

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