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"Having failed is a virtue, having success is the goal"
Silicon Valley, the hot-bed of high-tech innovation enjoys numerous visits of innovators every year from all over the world in search of answers “how they do it” and “how can we?”
Although partially built on rocket-science, Silicon Valley’s success really is based on common sense with one major difference: they actually do it. An innovation eco-system not compromised into mediocrity, takes pride in its accomplishments, while being aware that it does not serve everyone’s needs.
The one week visits provide great eye-openers often condensed in pointed one-liners which are carried home. But within 24 hours the daily grind and obviousness of the home-culture make the newly found spirit fade, its context is lost and anticipated change turns into struggle.

INSIDE SILICON VALLEY is an internship of several months in the world’s beating heart of innovation, while working on your own business proposition.


YOU BELIEVE in your high-tech high potential business proposition in IT, Biotech, Medical Devices, Nano- or Cleantech, whether it’s ready for sale or you have several years of development and validation to go. More than that, you have compelling data that shows the market potential of which you claim a significant and exclusive share.


IN TWO MONTHS you will develop your US business plan, while being physically linked into the most dynamic innovation area of the world. Smart money, strategic partners, all within reach, but first learn how to approach them and be ready.


BAYLINK LLC Global Business Accelerator is dedicated to the intercontinental business between Western Europe and North America. The extensive in-house experience in high-tech and medical pre- and post-market business development in both Europe and the US enables us to coach and support you with knowledge and respect for  the significant differences in business culture.


EMBEDDED COACHING , a partially sponsored program, was developed by BayLink, the City of Enschede (theNetherlands) and the Technology Circle Twente to lower the threshold to participate for young but promising companies. You pay your travel and accommodation expenses and the coaching services may be paid for by our sponsors. This program is subject to selection and accountability.


A CUSTOMIZED PROGRAM is offered, tailored to your US market proposition and phase of development. Some markets may allow for gradual and sequential expansion, but many of today’s highly competitive high-tech and medical markets require a global perspective, virtually from day one.


EXPERT CONSULTATION is readily available in areas like finance and accounting, fiscal and business law, intellectual property, etc.


"You'll never grow beyond your ambition"

inside Silicon Valley

Embedded Coaching